Thursday, 3 May 2012

Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews

Full Face Mountain Bike Helmets Reviews

team mountain bike helmet full face protection must be used every time you go horseback riding in the mountains. Unlike other headsets, helmet designed to fit perfectly on the head and a secure closure. Also, cover your head, which also includes the forehead, mouth and chin to provide protection to the entire surface. Most helmets come with a shield to provide a clear vision while protecting your eyes from dust and dirt, and other barriers.

Large companies have adopted protective devices passionate about their products and make a helmet that meets international safety standards. Safety standards vary from country to country. In the United States (U.S.), called the safety standards of the CPSC (Consumer Product Safety Commission), while the European market, should have protective equipment to comply with the CEN standard. O'Neal, SixSixOne, and a major producer of bells in the old mountain bike in perfect condition, with an open face.

Review Mountain Bike Helmets full face

A. Bell, helmet Bellistic

A helmet is the most popular mountain bike helmets from Bell Bellistic different machine down with the layer of the body with EPS foam liner. Interface design plan provides adequate protection against the most serious consequences.

It also has an adjustable retention harness, shield, and the port to accommodate eye glasses. This helmet has 15 vents for increased ventilation. 907 grams, and complies with safety standards of the CPSC. hats available for reasonable price of $ 80

Two. Helmet SixSixOne Strike full-face

Name, SixSixOne Strike helmet offers complete protection for the face and head. And durable polycarbonate shell, giving the skin a better shock. Includes EPS foam liner and Coolmax lining that absorbs perspiration and keep and eye. It has a network remains protected again quiet.

SixSixOne helmets comply with CPSC safety. Technically it is a great helmet was best for children and young buyers.

Three. O'Neal Fury full face helmet

Helmet Neal O 'hat Fury full face cheap compared with the previous two. Although moderately priced, meets all safety standards of the CPSC and CEN. light hull provides high impact resistance and a fiberglass shell is injected into the mold. Solar Protective helmets will also be adjusted, removable and washable, 20 vents keep you cool. limit price is $ 68


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