Friday, 4 May 2012

Best Mountain Bike Manufacturers

Best Mountain Bike Manufacturers

Mountain biking is a popular sport in the world and its popularity continues to grow. The increase in the number of customers to invest in mountain biking as a way to keep fit and have millions of adrenaline when it comes to extreme sports. Therefore, the demand for bicycles has increased dramatically over the past three decades. This has led to a large number of manufacturers of mountain bikes, which sometimes causes confusion for those who want to buy the first motorcycle with an interest in the game. Here are four manufacturers of mountain bikes that have a reliable record of the company.


This item is not complete without having to pay respect to the companies that publish what appeared to be the first mass produced mountain bikes. In 1982, the story was released specialized trunk bridge model, which still occurs today. After almost from the beginning of the game, which specializes in the highly respected and considered one of the leading manufacturers in the industry. Last year, the number of cycles used by professional cyclists in Europe and North America cycling circles.


Established in 1972, Taiwan company began making bicycles originally only sold under various trade names. In 1986, changing their business strategies to establish their bikes under the brand name Giant. It has proved a success, and now the company generated sales of more than 50 countries and employs more than 10,000 stores.


Representing the UK, we have the orange, based in Halifax, West Yorkshire. Company name is derived from the concept of round series and fine score for each of the manufacturers of mountain bikes. The production of oranges and entry-level mid-range mountain bikes are made in Taiwan, and the high-end model, hand built factory in Halifax. British consumers will remain loyal to Orange Patriot for his style is the best selling motorcycle in the UK for several years.


United States-based company founded in 1971 and originally manufactured goods, such as backpacks and bike trailers for the trip. Now, do a variety of high-end bikes, specializing in the frame made of aluminum and carbon fiber, a technology it has developed. Cannondale is a great place and has sponsored many significant bus, including the World Champion Anne-Caroline Chausson and Missy Giove.


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