Sunday, 6 May 2012

Mountain Bike 2012

Mountain Bike

In the last decade throughout the development cycle and most of them, especially to introduce what is known as a mountain bike. What exactly is the difference between this type of bike from other bikes impractical, which is available on the market? The main answer to this question is that this type is set to ride the bike lane from the paved road on uneven terrain such as dirt roads, rocky trails, slopes and river beds, etc..

Therefore, although other types of bicycles are likely no low profile tires for better traction, mountain biking and walking services are always hard on the pavement tires commonly known as "Barefoot prominent. "In addition, the possibility that a small wheel that allows the pilot to more easily reach the ground with your foot for better control on the ground is weak.

The front suspension is another common feature of these types of bikes from the skin, an excellent download. But in recent years, the front suspension and rear shock is the most popular skin and better management.

Another aspect of the bike, especially in a wide seat for maximum comfort while stirring up. Thus, while the number of proposals for additional features on the bike for road use, you must have the option of driving on the road. Since it has begun to change the land that can move quickly from one stage to increase the height of the body. So the overall quality of mountain biking team is 5-10, but in recent days, some manufacturers have begun to develop models with up to 30 gears.

Structure of steel and steel alloys according to the new situation. Due to the high cost of steel itself and the additional work in shaping and welding them can only carry a significant cost.

The more specific tasks brake pilot day can choose off the road. Brake to stop allowing faster and requires less power fist stop.

Cycling is like watching a competitive game since the arrival of 70-an increasingly popular, and this has important implications for the development of a competitor who uses a bicycle. Increasing the amount of money and lucrative sponsorship offers the industry means that now more is needed for the game is to win the honor.

companies that make mountain bike through better planning in response to certain types of bike and features tailored to different segments of the competition. Purpose-built bike ride cross country, downhill and race horses stunt, each contestant will be judged on skill and art in the course of the organization.

All this has a cost, however, during the first year, passengers can expect to spend hundreds of dollars of high quality, high performance bicycles, today is not uncommon to find models with prices reaching tens of thousands of dollars.

Saturday, 5 May 2012

Training Tips Mountain Bike

Training Tips Mountain Bike

What Mountain Bike? If you are a new rider and horse riding for some time, here are some basic tips to help you get the most out of travel and increase strength.

Suppose you have a bike for some time under his belt, and learn the basics, the main way to improve conditions for cycling time. The method used for the saddle more and spend more time in court. Other proposals include the formation of mountain biking a few hours of training can be done off-road, road bike or a successor to the rotation cycle. In addition to training, all kinds of music in the streets of all the circumstances.

To be really able to evaluate the hard work and increase your fitness level, try using a heart rate monitor. Keep your maximum heart rate is 220 minus your age from simple rules. Get a more accurate reading, you can try the Karvonen method. To increase the speed and the ability to try to keep 80-85% of the time of maximum heart rate.

When you do your training between the edge of the road, making sure the track you know where you can make an extra effort to improve strength and speed. If you do your interval training on the road, make sure you get a lot of hills on this course actually began and long straights where you can put in motion. With the rotation is another big-time training. The rotation can control the weather, and the rules and improve quadriceps strength on the track. Another advantage is that the bike back to work there (a foot) at all, not just full of simple labor.

During training on the way to improve your skills, be sure to bring all types of soil in different situations. Cuba race in sandstone, gravel and stone, up and down to earth and grass, and traveling through the mud and shallow rivers. While driving in all conditions, a recent graduate of skills needed to become better and stronger riders.

Among the skills to master are:

- Under standing strategy

- Ability to grow

- Speed

- Get more obstacles

- The corner like a pro

- Front Anti different

Safety Mountain Bike Lights

Safety Mountain Bike Lights

Cycling is fun and exciting hobby. There are also some healthy transportation options and affordable - a great driver and healthy environment. Security is an important part of the motorcycle. Accidents happen, even on a quiet street in the country. If you are a serious cyclist who likes to go for a weekend trip over, or if you become a real competitor to and from work, some important protection to be implemented.

First, you must have adequate lighting on your bike. Although rarely ride at night, lighting is important. It is sometimes convenient to use lights during the day, for example, when the weather is bad or cloudy days. Drivers often do not see cyclists, and may make it difficult to see. There is no point in any room. Investing in bicycle lights front and rear are very safe. Candles the best choice because it is very bright and last a long time too. They worked well, perfect decisions when it comes to mountain bike lights.

The helmet is also important to take safety measures. Even if you just jumped on his bike to local shops, helmets are mandatory. Helmet could save your life and actually a couple of times around the world. Make sure the helmet is still mail your head and never resolved. The helmets that fit properly is not adequate protection in case of accident.

There are other items of clothing to be used if you want security on the bike of any kind. Fluorescent jacket is recommended for anyone with contempt then at the hours of darkness rather quickly. They are also a good idea in the towns and cities where traffic is heavy. Drivers need the help it can get when it comes to catching cyclists on the road and electric jacket will help a lot. When it comes to security there is no point in any room.

Improve overall comfort when riding a bicycle, wearing a specially designed bike boots and gloves is a good idea. the shoes are perfect for pedals and the bike is easy. You can really save energy when you walk. Helps prevent foot cramps. As long journey when the shoe is important. The same is true of cycling gloves. Protect your hands and arms and prevent blisters from happening. It also protects the skin against the elements like wind and rain can dry the skin or chapter. As a general rule, it is also a good idea to wear brightly colored clothing when out of your bike. Add additional security features and other vehicles to help drivers see more clearly.

If you are a runner who is interested in your game or a hobby that uses more messages daily circulation, will address important security is important. You can buy the bike lights and other safety equipment online. As a groupset, Campagnolo clothing or shelter, buying online can save money.