Friday, 4 May 2012

Fix Flat Mountain Bike Tire

Fix Flat Mountain Bike Tire

Okay, so we have Muncha Mount your bike. Oddly enough, I started riding as a child, but I learned to make my tires long before I found determining the tire. So do not be like me, do not fix the tire of the bike is a difficult process and do everything.

First, you need some tools:

Removable plastic

Bicycle tire patch kit

If the replacement pipe line repair now be more

hand pump or CO2 cartridge

repairing a bicycle taxi (optional but very useful)

Tire is actually a good sign. This means that you travel quite frequently and eventually became a two-wheeled vehicle were destroyed and you will be rewarded in this study to modify your bike confidence. Good job and keep it.

If you decide to cover your home (instead of off-road) to support the motorcycle and bicycle repair stand as one. If you are on the road, make sure you are right - right on the street and a safe place. Before taking the wheel of a bicycle, change your computer into a small sprocket and then pop one by one. You can let the remaining air in the tire, hands tightening around the deck. Use your hands to remove the rear wheel side, break the seal between the tire and rim, and has now developed tire lever between the iron rod, then pull the lever around the wheel on the side of the wheel is held in the mouth.

Now that the content of the world, is the root tube inserted in the mouth. These pins can be made, in this case, the bolt and pull the tube and continue in the mouth.

At this point, you should take some time to check for sharp objects on wheels, including the kidneys that can be developed. You can do this by running your hand on the wheel, but do so slowly and be careful not achieved anything.

Well, now some deficiencies in the hose from the pump and try to find the leak. You can find air leaks, or at least listen. If not, try to move your hand over the sensor tube and air emissions. And if both these methods fail, only a small hole and you must get a bucket of water and dumped in a bucket and watch for bubbles.

Once identified appear, remove the patch and read the package instructions on how to use it. Carefully follow the instructions to the owner. If the hole is too large to be updated, so that removing the tube and use their new pipes new.

Blowing air into the tube or replace some recently updated to work to take shape. It is important for us to sleep at the wheel back to the installation and allow easy inflation tube.

Now with a little air in the pipe begins to put on the rim and around the mouth, among other things, put the rod back into place. Please include your back and use the wheel from side to return to the mouth, be careful that any tube in the front. You may need to use removable to help complete the last part of this work.

Finally, use the CO2 cartridges or a pump to remove air in the tires of your bike and ready to get the password again. Good job! If you think you need images, go to YouTube there are real demonstration of many out there looking.


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