Thursday, 3 May 2012

Converting Mountain Bike to 1x9 or 1x10

Converting Mountain Bike to 1x9 or 1x10

With the advent of wide area centered at 9 and 10 mountain bike, speed (11-34 or 11-36 is normal), you can get your bike team at 27 or 30 speeds very close to each other. This results in too much time elapsed between the change in the ratio of surplus equipment and clothing. Spend less time in the change (and improve their change) and more rides on time!

1x conversion involves removing all the plates are moving forward and authorization procedures. One of the results in 1-game losing weight by removing the two plates and the front derailleur, shifter, and cable. You need to reduce the chain, thus increasing the storage device and any change in the short cage derailleur.

1x drivetrains put more pressure on the pedal of the transfer. If the team's grandmother becomes very difficult to stand up and dancing on the pedals. You may be surprised by the steepness of the hill, you can get 34 or 36 tooth chainring and 30-36 teeth grandmother equipment. You also have the hill faster than your friends to see the knuckle joint in walking speed as the wife of his love for design standards or in the future.

The process of change:

Remove the front derailleur and shifter forward, increasing the "I do not need, but I keep all my old bicycle parts" bin.

Remove large and small dishes you get. You may have to turn to do so, and may require some spacers or small call centers to reinstall the short screws.

Installing the derailleur card box (optional but not necessary all the advice long box and short derailleurs cage to provide the best tight clothing chain)

The shortening of the chain

Select the device with chain retention. Usually, the front derailleur to handle the sprocket jump, and disposal, have something that happened. Some people have great success in inserting two plate and bash protection. Others prefer to fix the chain of the chain guide safe. This is only part of the changes to put any pressure at all, so be sure to choose the chain napakinabangan maintain weight loss.


Mobile 1X established mountain bike on his bike fast, easy, easy. This is a win-win. Only weakness I think my experience with 1x9 and 1x10 is that you can pedal faster than 25-30 mph (depending on options gear). But really, this is mountain biking! Faster than that and just keep falling. Enjoy!


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